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Asparagus Account

Most people who have allergies have common ones, such as allergies to nuts, strawberries, milk, and so on. However, below is an account of someone who had an allergic reaction to asparagus.

“One time I had a very horrific reaction to eating an asparagus whole. It was about a foot long and it was highly seasoned and over-cooked. When I tried to eat it, I had difficulty swallowing. he second I put the asparagus in my mouth, I started to feel a little sick and nauseous. In the end, I was not able to swallow it, as my body completely rejected the asparagus. To this day, if I accidentally ingest asparagus, my stomach starts to hurt and I am not able to swallow it.”

After this moment, the student said that they have had lots of problems with their allergy and it has severely affected their life. Remember to frequently get your allergies tested, as you may be allergic to the least likely of foods.

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