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About Us

Our Virtues

Here at E.A.T., we strive to accomplish three goals: delivering helpful and credible information, providing entertainment, and, most importantly, catalyzing meaningful change.


Some people say Emerging Allergy Treatments is a misnomer. Maybe they're right. At E.A.T., we don't confine ourselves to allergy treatments . . . we create content about anything and everything related to allergies. In doing so, we hope to keep you up-to-date and, well, informed about the allergy world, enabling you to keep yourself safe if you are afflicted by allergies, or spread the word and help allergic people you may know.

Entertainment? Really? Many would contest that this virtue is not as significant as our others (it's not). However, we believe that entertainment breeds happiness, which is important to us. What's more, it can serve as a bridge to our other values, guiding those initially just looking for something interesting towards helpful, important education.



Change. It's not easily defined. It can be big or small, negative or positive. What sort of change are we talking about? Well, of course, we seek to make positive change, and the bigger the better. However, we believe that any advancement is good. That's why we don't just do things like advocate for allergy legislation– we also provide readers and listeners with news and facts that we believe can improve their lives, even if it's just by a little.

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